Water Heater Service & Repair Course


Water Heater Course

Water Heater Service & Repair Course -Burbank

Water Heater Service & Repair – is an 8 hour  installation, repair, and service course designed for Journeymen plumbers, contractors, and “Do it yourselfers”. and focuses on plumbing services such as: diagnosing and trouble shooting  the repair, replacements, installation, and maintenance of gas, electric, and tankless water heaters….  and much more!

Organization: This class will be 30% lecture and 70% hands on. We supply all students with the needed tools, books, and course outlines needed for the course.


Do you experience problems trouble shooting some water heaters, not sure if its the pilot assembly, a valve, or if the vent is clogged? Are you a do It yourselfer and afraid to relight your water heater pilot light? Not sure how to position the straps holding the water heater to the wall?  The Water Heater Service & Repair course provides hands on experience guided by  a ‘Master Plumber” who will teach you the skills needed to trouble shoot your water heater issues.

Who is Water Heater Service & Repair course intended?

  • This course is intended for any journeyman plumber, contractor, or “Do It Yourselfer”  home or business owner interested in learning how to repair basic water heater projects.

Check out the Course Outline!

The outline will give you some perceptive, and inspiration, the overall depth of information including: Tankless, Trouble Shooting, gas water heaters, venting, pipe repair, customer service and much more!

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