Drain and Sewer Cleaning Course Burbank CA


hydro_jetting-service-Michael's Valley Plumbing-270Drain and Sewer Cleaning Course Burbank CA

The Drain and Sewer Cleaning course focuses on the major skills and knowledge a residential and commercial Journeyman plumber, plumbing contractor, or plumbing helper must be prepared to deal with everyday.

Our course instructs you to utilize the latest tools, technology, and drain cleaning solutions to eliminate any stoppage in your plumbing system.

Do you have a slow or clogged drain in your bathroom, kitchen or sewer line?  A backed up or clogged sewer line or drain can challenge the best of plumbers. The journeyman course builds on your basic plumbing skills by providing advanced plumbing techniques, use of new technologies, and the experience  of a working “Master” plumber.

The Journeymen Drain and Sewer Cleaning course is a one day Saturday 40% lecture and 60% hands on class.


Hands on drain and sewer snakes or rooters for residential and commercial problems. Hydro Jetting for hard to clean out tree roots, drain and sewer pipe replacements, Video Camera applications and other tools. 

Open Discussion based on student questions and course topics and practice sessions.


  • Journeymen Plumber level
  • Knowledge of basic Plumbing Tools and services
  • Previous plumbing experience is required..

What is the target audience?

  • This course is intended for Journeyman Plumbers, Construction Plumbers, anyone interested in learning to master their craft.
  • Intermediate Plumbers , some previous plumbing experience is required.


Check out the Course Outline!

The outline will give you some perceptive, and inspiration, the overall depth of information including: Tankless, Trouble Shooting, gas water heaters, venting, pipe repair, customer service and much more!

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